A Profile of Florida Property Attorney Matthew Palentchar

April 20, 2018
For all intents and purposes, Matthew Palentchar has practiced Florida law since 2004, in several areas, although he prefers to practice in real estate, corporate transactions, probate, simple estate planning, and small business law. It’s been a long road; he moved to Florida following law school and passed that state’s bar exam, after which he began practicing as something of a journeyman with a general practice law firm in Naples. He soon tired of that and formed Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq., P.A., which he ran from 2005 through 2010, when a life threatening illness forced him out of Florida for a time, to recover.

He used his internal toughness to overcome it all, which means he soon returned to Florida and formed Matthew G. Palentchar, PLLC in St. Petersburg, where he currently lives with his wife Heather and their two dogs. In addition to being a member in good standing of the Florida Bar Association, Matt spends what free time he has as a volunteer for CASA. There, he is a court appointed Guardian Ad Litum for children who need help.

Florida Real Estate and Matthew Palentchar

October 20, 2017
Ever since the first day Matthew Palentchar began practicing law in Florida more than a dozen years ago, he has shown himself to be one of the finest attorneys in the state. He now largely prefers to specialize in real estate law these days, but he has plenty of skills and lots of significant knowledge and experience in a wide variety of legal disciplines. Matt earned his law degree in 2004 and almost immediately moved to Florida and passed that state’s bar exam. Soon, he was working with a general practice firm in Naples, Florida, where he did a bit of everything. That didn’t last long, however, as he formed Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq., P.A. in 2005. Unfortunately, in 2010, he was forced to leave Florida for a time with a life-threatening illness.

Thank goodness, Matt Palentchar is resilient, because it didn't take long for him to recover and make his triumphant return to Florida, where he formed Matthew G. Palentchar, PLLC in St. Petersburg, Florida. This firm has a specific focus on real estate transactions and property law. Matt commonly represents lenders, purchasers and sellers in complex commercial transactions, but he also does other, more common, real estate work, including title searches, title exams, and issuing title insurance for residential and commercial closings.